Water jet Cutting Materials

Water jetting is used to cut a multitude of materials. From soft products like foam rubber, and paper to steel, and glass. Metals and plastics are popular in the mass production industry. All sorts of steel can be cut, as well as alloys of all types, and soft aluminum. Brass, copper, and glass can be water jet cut as well. Various types of stone, ceramics, and concrete can be engraved with decorative elements. All sorts of rubber can be fashioned as well as fabrics, textiles, and cloths.

Depending on the type of material water jet cutters can be considered high pressure or abrasive. High pressure vessels and pumps have been around since the mid 1800’s. Powered by steam these pumps and jets have adapted to the rising of technological advances. The use of plastics, combined with pumps that use motors, and the advancement of water jet nozzles has thrown old steam practices aside and pushed water jet cutting into modern use. Abrasive water jet cuttings use the mixture of an abrasive and high pressure pumps. Abrasives can include plastic beads, dry ice and micro abrasion. Another type of abrasive used is garnet. This abrasive water jetting is used to cut ceramic, stone, glass, metal and composites.