Describing the Process and Components of Water Jet Cutting

Process and Parts

Understanding how water jet cutting and how the machine’s multiple parts work is simple. Like the material they cut, water jet cutter are intricate tools that have a precise job. Water jets are fast, flexible and are user friendly and easy to use.

Water jets use high-pressure water that is forced through a small hole. The small hole is called a jewel or and orifice. The jewel concentrates an extreme amount of energy in a small area. This allows high pressure and a high velocity beam. Inlet water for pure water jet pressurizes water between 20,000-60,000 PSI.  The thin beam of water can travel quickly as close to the speed of sound. An abrasive jet uses garnet to add more pressure to water. The stream and the abrasive are mixed. The water exiting the jewel creates a vacuum. The vacuum pulls the abrasive from the abrasive line and mixes the water in the mixing tube.